Okko Meinilä is Helsinki based composer, producer and visual designer who collaborates closely with projects aiming to advance art, culture and sustainability.

His wide ranging work has been on display on several medias and top venues in Finland and on international stages and he has received several grants for his work with performances such as Bajo Cero, Replaying Silence and for his video projects.

His work is inspired by the uniqueness of Northern landscapes and a multitude of cultural sceneries.

Meinilä has studied classical and electro-acoustic music in Oulu Conservatoire with Ilkka Virta and Jukka Ruohomäki, and has a degree in media and visual arts. He has currently worked also with the sustainable arts and culture project Global Senses as a renewable energy developer and audio-visual artist.



Okko Meinilä – Working title: Tree of Life (Audio Only)

An excerpt from an upcoming release.

Okko Meinilä – Under Our Star (Audio Only)

Original music and artwork: Okko Meinilä

Under Our Star is a part of a larger sustainable arts project Global Senses that builds and researches the usage of sustainable energy in art and media production.

The song is an experiment recorded with a solar power system developed by Meinilä in collaboration with Global Senses.

Replaying Silence

Replaying Silence is an experimental flamenco dance and music project that arises from the repeated dialogue of acoustic instruments, dancer and electronic loopers. The piece premiered in the winter of 2015 and was funded by several grant organisations. In the project, Meinilä worked as a concept designer, original music composer, video director and musician.

Replaying Silence – live teaser

Original music and video direction: Okko Meinilä

Choreography: Rodrigo González
Arrangement and additional music: Sami Rönkä, González, Meinilä
Camera: Ilkka Peltola
Production: Replaying Silence, Tiina Junno
The production was funded by Koneen Säätiö/Kone Foundation.
The video was funded by Musiikin edistämissäätiö MES.

Replaying Silence – video projections

Directed by: Okko Meinilä
Motion Graphics: Meinilä, Sami Rönkä
Cast: Rodrigo González, Meinilä, Rönkä
Camera: Meinilä, Rönkä, Mitch Martinez
Music for this video composed and performed by Meinilä.

Bajo Cero

Bajo Cero is a 2002 founded world-fusion band originating from Oulu, Northern Finland. Bajo Cero combines flamenco with the world’s electro-acoustic heritage with an urban ethno attitude. During over ten years of working together, the band has toured extensively the top venues and festivals in Finland and played on international stages. Bajo Cero’s gigs are energetic shows, enriched with flamenco dance but without genre boundaries. In the autumn of 2012, the band released their debut album “Óyela”.

Meinilä works in the band as a composer, producer, visual designer and musician.

Bajo Cero – Óyela

Composition, production and video direction: Okko Meinilä

Script: Ville Ranta, Kili Kauppi, Okko Meinilä.
Camera: Joni Kesti, Okko Meinilä.

Bajo Cero – Hierro

Composition, production and video direction: Okko Meinilä

Camera: Kili Kauppi, Okko Meinilä.